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14hp Diesel Engine JD192F

JDL diesel engine factory supply 1-cylinder force air cooledsmall  diesel engine from 3HP5hp 8hp 10hp 14hp 15HP. our small  diesel  engine are  excellent fuel injection system with skilled craftsmanship and strict quality concept, which makes JDL diesel  engine strong output, safe and reliable. This high-performance fuel injection system ensures high efficiency running, lower fuel consumption and emission, also much lower the noise level.
our diesel engine widely using for diesel generator, diesel water pump and construction,  our engine have differnt crankshaft using for different machine, we supply keyway shaft, thred shaft, tapper shaft, our diesel engine have 3000rpm and 3600rpm for customer choose.
  • JD192F
  • JDL
  • Air cooled diesel engine
  • 14hp
  • 3000/3600rpm
  • Single cylinder

JDL 14HP Air Cooled DIESEL ENGINE Advantage

Low fuel consumption

With new tip-clearance fuel pump and bottom inertia injection technology, combine new type combustor and high burning rate, its fuel economy is much lower than gasoline engines.

Low noise

Well-designed gear transmission structure, make the vibration decreased and noise lowed, patented air cleaner, lower the noise of air inlet and outlet.

Safe and reliable

Excellent production process, strict QC system to make sure the products safe and reliable.




Engine Type

1 -Cylinder,4-Stroke, Air-cooled,Vertical

Combustion System

Direct injection

Broke*Stroke mm


Displacement L


Compression Ratio of diesel engine


Rated Speed rpm

3000 3600

Rated Power KW

7.6    8.6

Rated Power hp

10.3   11.7

Starting System

F:Recoil start

E:Electric start

Fuel Tank Capacity L


Lube Oil Capacity  L


Fuel Consumption g/kwh

275 280

Fuel Type

0#(summer),-10#(winter) Diesel oil

Lube Type

SAE10W30(CD grade or above)

Overall Diemension (L*W*H)mm


Net Weight kg



Rotation Direction (View from Flywheel)


Why choose us ? 

1.High quality  diesel engine spare parts 

 Crankshaft connecting rod diameter thickening design

1, the industry status: many counterparts have crankshaft connecting rod diameter fracture quality problems, and caused the scrapping of the machine, the reason, mainly the use of sudden load rise, sudden drop and excessive fatigue caused by the fracture, by technical analysis, now through the injection system, combustion system design improvements, the output power have been improved, while the crankshaft design strength is not designed to improve, individual use conditions prone to crankshaft fracture problems.

2、Improvement effect: the engine crankshaft connecting rod diameter and rounded R angle increased, the design strength increased by 20%, can fully meet the condition of the sudden change in use environment.

engine shaft

2. Overall cylindrical structure design of muffler

  1. Current situation of the industry: All muffler bodies in the industry are made of two tensile plates formed and welded together, and the thickness of the main body material is only about 1mm, which leads to a high proportion of desoldering and cracking at the welding of the exhaust port and the intake port of the muffler, and users are complaining.

 2. Improvement effect: The company declared a utility model patent and adopted cylinder profile structure, which      greatly enhanced the structural rigidity cylinder pipe wall thickness to 2mm, and the strength at the welding            area was also greatly enhanced, reliability was obviously improved, and the muffling noise effect was also great.

engine muffler

3.Govner control speed

Throttle control panel, speed governor lever of engine, use the speed governor lever to control the speed of engine.

To protect your engine, preheat the machine for three minutes at no load. use the speed governor lever to control the speed of engine.

engine govner speed control

2. Endless Variety & Applications



1. What’s your power range of  diesel engine 

   Jdl prodvides the range from 5hp - 22hp air cooled diesel engine 

2.Whats  your delivery time

   Usually jdl company can deliver the order in 15-30days after we get your deposit.

3.What’s your payment

   We can accept 30%TT deposit, 70% TT see BL copy. LC.  OA

4.What’s your warranty

  within 1year after goods is discharged in the destination. We will supply the consumables if it broken under        normal using. For example, fuel cock,fuel pump,recoil starter,etc

5.What’s your MOQ

   Our MOQ is 5sets.

6.What is the material of your products?


7.What certificate do you have for the diesel engine ?

   There are ISO 9001:2008, CE etc.

8.If I want to be your products distributor  in our country, what is your distribution policy?

  JDL power welcomes everybody join us and distribute products worldwide. We can issue authority                   certificates  and  sign agreement with you accordingly.


1. Check whether the diesel oil quantity is sufficient or whether the fuel tank switch is in the open state?

2. Is the throttle switch (handle) running status again?

3. Whether there is any air in the oil intake pipe

4. Whether the startup method is wrong (finger start

5. Whether the air filter element is blocked

6. Check the oil injection nozzle for poor atomization or blockage

7. Whether the oil pump is out of oil

8. We supply diesel engine repair services.   If  you need diesel engine diagram. please contact us. we can         send to you. we supply diesel engine parts services. if you need repair your diesel engine , please contact         us. we can send diesel engine parts to you by air. 

9. How does diesel engine work ? 

   When you start use new diesel engine, you need add engil oil and diesel fuel. then start  your diesel engine. 

   You can contact us when your diesel engine have problem. we will help you solve it in first time.  we supply       24hours severce.