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2Inch Gasoline portable water pump DGP50B

Engine type   DL210
Displacement   212CC
Inlet/Outlet Diameter   50
Rated output Power(hp)   7.0HP
Speed   3600
Flux   28
Suction Head   7M
Max Lift   28
N.W./G.W  . 21/22
CTN Size 485*390*420
  • DGP50B




9.  Driven by super light JDL gasoline engine
  Self-suction structure
  Die-casted aluminum pump with qualified mechanical sealing device
  Widely used in gardening, irrigation & ……



Model DGP50B
Engine Model DL210F
Engine Type OHV, 25°, Single Cylinder,Forced Air Cooling, 4-storke
Power Hp 6.5
Bore x Stroke 68x 54
Starting System Recoil Start
Fuel Type 90# or Higher Standard unleaded Gasoline
Fuel Tank Capacity(L) 3.6
Oil Volume(L) 0.6
Rated Output(kW) 3.8
Rated Rotary Speed(rpm) 3600
Inlet(Outlet) Diameter(mm) 50/50
Suction(m) 7
Lift(m) 30
Flow(m3/h) 36
Self-suction Time(s) ≤180
Package Dimensins(mm) 475×440×425
N.W/G.W(Kg) 24/26


1. Engine Type: Gasoline water pumps are powered by gasoline engines. They come in different engine sizes and power outputs to cater to various pumping needs.

Portable and Lightweight: Gasoline water pumps are designed to be portable and lightweight, making them easy to transport and move around as needed.

2. Self-Priming: Many gasoline water pumps are self-priming, which means they can start pumping water without the need for manual priming. This feature is especially useful when dealing with water sources below the pump's level.

3. High Flow Rate: Gasoline water pumps are capable of delivering a high flow rate, enabling them to move large volumes of water efficiently.

Suction and Discharge Ports: Gasoline water pumps have dedicated suction and discharge ports to connect hoses for water intake and outflow.

4. Durability and Robustness: These pumps are built to withstand tough conditions and are made from durable materials to ensure long-lasting performance.

5. Engine Protection: Many gasoline water pumps come equipped with features like low-oil shutdown to protect the engine from damage in case of low oil levels.

6.Easy Start: Gasoline water pumps usually have easy start mechanisms, such as recoil or electric starters, to make the starting process convenient and quick.

7. Multi-Purpose Use: They are suitable for a wide range of applications, including irrigation, draining flooded areas, pumping water from wells, and construction sites.

8. Noise Reduction: Some gasoline water pumps incorporate noise reduction technology or mufflers to minimize operational noise.

9. Automatic Throttle Control: Advanced models may have automatic throttle control to adjust engine speed based on water demand, enhancing fuel efficiency and reducing noise levels during lower loads.

Pressure and Head Lift: Gasoline water pumps are designed to deliver water at specific pressures and head lifts, depending on the model's intended use.

10.Fuel Efficiency: Many gasoline water pumps are designed to be fuel-efficient, ensuring cost-effective operation.

Overheat Protection: Some models include overheat protection to prevent damage to the engine during extended use or high-temperature conditions.

11.When choosing a gasoline water pump, consider the specific requirements of your water pumping tasks, the flow rate, the head lift, and the pump's overall performance to ensure it meets your needs effectively. Regular maintenance and proper usage will ensure the longevity and reliability of your gasoline water pump.