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5KW(6KVA) Portable Diesel generator JDL6500XE

10HP diesel engine JD186FA 
100% Copper alternator 
500hours warranty time 
portable  generator 
  • JDL6500XE

  • JDL

  • Open type Diesel generator

  • 5kw

  • 3000/3600rpm

  • 220 220/380 110/220

  • 50/60hz

  • Open type


5KW Open type diesel generator 


Two-stage muffler device

Scientific damping effect, patent two-stage muffler silencer, advanced air-flue design and muffler device.

Optional items

13.8Remoter: control anytime anywhere freely. ATS: automatic transfer from city power and gen-set power.Intelligent digital control panel: with overload, over voltage, over current and low oil pressure protection function.

High conversion efficiency

100% copper alternator; class F insulation, high conversion efficiency, smart AVR controller ensures stable voltage and less voltage waveform distortion.

Preheating device

With air-preheating device,it can be easily started at low temperature.

Strong power

With JDL four-stoke diesel engine, new top-clearance fuel pump and bottom injection technology, makes burning full and power strong.

High conversion rate

Our diesel generator are 100% copper alternator, class F insulation, high conversion rate.

Digital panel

 Our open type diesel generator with digital intelligent control panel with display of voltage, frequency and running time, makes easy maintenance.

Stable output

Our open  diesel generator use smart AVR controller ensures stable voltage and less voltage waveform distortion.

Easy carrying

Our diesel generator are with four wheels. its easy to move.

Wide application

Our diesel generator are various output sockets are available to meet all customers' requirements.



Model JDL6500E JDL7500E JDL8500E
Rated Frequency [Hz] 50                   60 50                   60 50                   60
Rated Voltage [V] 220,230,240,110/220,115/230,120/240,220/380,230/400,240/415
Rated Output Power  [KVA] 4.5 (5.6)     5.0(6.3) 5.0(6.3)       5.5(6.9) 6.0(7.5)       6.5(8.1)
Max Output Power  [Kva] 5.0(6.3)      5.5(6.9) 5.5(6.9)       6.0(7.5) 6.5(8.1)      7.0(8.8)
DC Output 12V   8.3A
Phase Number Single Phase / Three Phase
Excitation Mode Self-excitation , brush
Power Factor  Φ 1.0(0.8)
Insulation Grade F
Fuel Tank Capacity  [L] 14.5 14.5 30.0
Engine Model JD186FAE JD188FAE JD192FE
Starting System Electric Starting
Engine Type 1-Cylinder ,4-Stroke, Air-cooled,Veritical
Broke * Stroke   [mm] 86*72 88*75 92*75
Displacement 0.418L 0.456L 0.499L
Compression Ratio 19.5
Rated Rotation Speed [rpm] 3000                3600 3000                3600 3000                   3600
Rated Power   [Kw] 5.8                      6.6 6.6                     6.9 7.6                  8.6
Lube  [L] 1.65
Fuel Type 0#(summer), -10#(winter), diesel oil
Lube SAE10W30 ( above CD grade )       SAE10W30
Low Oil Pressure Alarm System With
Optional Standard ATS
Remote control
Digital  Smart  Panel
Overall Diemension [mm] ( L*W*H) 7110*510*640 710*510*640 750*520*660
Net Weight [Kg] 115 115 130


1. Our diesel generator all are test

diesel generator

2. Our diesel generator parts

diesel generator line



3. What is your alternator brand for diesel generator 

     We use SENCI alternator for our diesel generator. All our alternator are 100% copper and 100% output.   Our diesel generator are strong power and stable output.

4. What is your diesel generator warranty ? 

   Our generator warranty is 1 year . We supply spare parts free in warranty time.     We supply new generator set when our generator have big problem. 

5. Do you supply OEM services ?  How many set is your MOQ ? 

    We supply OEM for our customer . We make color, brand, carton,manual as customer need. Our generator   MOQ is 5sets.

6. What port is your loading ? 

    Our factory near to shanghai. Our loading port is shanghai. Ningbo also is ok for us.    

7.  Can we visit your factory ? 

   Our city near to shanghai and only one hour by fast train. We warmly welcome you visit our factory when you come to china, we can arrange car pick up you from air port. 

8. What is a diesel generator?

A diesel generator is a type of power generator that uses a diesel engine to convert fuel into mechanical energy, which is then converted into electrical energy. It is commonly used as a backup power source during electricity outages or in places where there is no access to the main power grid.

9. How does a diesel generator work?

Diesel generators work on the principle of internal combustion engines. The diesel fuel is injected into the engine's combustion chamber, where it mixes with air and is compressed. The compressed air-fuel mixture ignites due to the high temperature, creating a rapid expansion of gases that move the engine's pistons. This movement generates mechanical energy, which drives the generator to produce electrical power.

10. What are the advantages of using a diesel generator?

Some advantages of diesel generators include:

High fuel efficiency, making them cost-effective in the long run.

Longer lifespan and lower maintenance costs compared to other generator types.

Reliable and robust performance, suitable for continuous operation.

Easily available fuel (diesel) in most regions.

11. What are the typical applications of diesel generators?

Diesel generators are widely used in various applications, including:

Providing backup power for homes, businesses, hospitals, and data centers during power outages.

Supplying electricity in remote areas without access to the main power grid.

Supporting construction sites, mining operations, and agricultural activities.

Powering mobile facilities, such as RVs, boats, and mobile healthcare units.

12. How do I size a diesel generator for my needs?

To size a diesel generator correctly, you need to determine your total power requirements. Make a list of all the electrical devices and equipment you want the generator to power simultaneously. Add up their power ratings in kilowatts (kW) or kilovolt-amperes (kVA). Then, select a diesel generator with a capacity slightly higher than your total power requirements to accommodate any potential power surges.

13. What maintenance does a diesel generator require?

Regular maintenance is essential for the proper functioning of a diesel generator. Common maintenance tasks include changing engine oil and filters, inspecting and cleaning air filters, checking coolant levels, and ensuring proper battery operation. It's recommended to follow the manufacturer's maintenance schedule to keep the generator in good working condition.

14.Can I connect a diesel generator directly to my home or business electrical system?

Connecting a diesel generator to your home or business electrical system requires a transfer switch. The transfer switch ensures a safe and seamless transition between the main power supply and the generator when there is a power outage. It prevents back-feeding, which could be hazardous to utility workers and damage your generator.