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6KW 7.5KVA Silent Diesel generator 1PHASE/3 PHASE JDL7000SE

12HP single cycle 4 stroke air-cooled diesel enginewith recoil start and electric start
6500 Watt peak, 5000 Watt rated
220V , 120/240V  50Hz and 60Hz
Runs 7 hours at full load and 10 hours at 1/2 loadon 3.3 gallons of fuel
Two 120 Volt outlets, one 120 Volt twist-lock outlet, One 120 Volt/240 twist-lock outlet, one 12 Volt DC outlet at 8.3 Amp s
Amp & hour meters
Operating noise level 76 dba
Includes mobility kit with 8 pneumatic tires and handle, maintenance-free battery and 2 electric start keys
  • JDL7000SE

  • JDL

  • Silent Diesel generator

  • 5.5kw

  • 3000/3600rpm

  • 220 220/380 110/220

  • 50/60hz

  • Silent


6KW Silent diesel generator 



Two-stage muffler device

Scientific damping effect, patent two-stage muffler silencer, advanced air-flue design and muffler device.

Optional items

Remoter: control anytime anywhere freely. ATS: automatic transfer from city power and gen-set power.Intelligent digital control panel: with overload, over voltage, over current and low oil pressure protection function.

High conversion efficiency

100% copper alternator; class F insulation, high conversion efficiency, smart AVR controller ensures stable voltage and less voltage waveform distortion.

Preheating device

With air-preheating device,it can be easily started at low temperature.

Strong power

With JDL four-stoke diesel engine, new top-clearance fuel pump and bottom injection technology, makes burning full and power strong.

High conversion rate

Our 5kw diesel generator are 100% copper alternator, class F insulation, high conversion rate.

Digital panel

 Our 5kw diesel generator with digital intelligent control panel with display of voltage, frequency and running time, makes easy maintenance.

Stable output

Our 5kw diesel generator use smart AVR controller ensures stable voltage and less voltage waveform distortion.

Easy carrying

Our diesel generator are  open frame configuration means itzs easy to move and use.

Wide application

Our diesel generator are various output sockets are available to meet all customers' requirements.


Model JDL7000SE
Rated Frequency [Hz] 50                   60
Rated Voltage [V] 220,230,240,110/220,115/230,120/240,220/380,230/400,
Rated Output Power  [KVA] 5.5        6.0
Max Output Power  [Kva] 6.0         6.5
DC Output 12V   8.3A
Phase Number Single Phase / Three Phase
Excitation Mode Self-excitation , brush
Power Factor  Φ 1.0(0.8)
Insulation Grade F
Fuel Tank Capacity  [L] 14.5
Engine Model JD188FAE
Starting System Electric Starting
Engine Type 1-Cylinder ,4-Stroke, Air-cooled,Veritical
Broke * Stroke   [mm] 88*75
Displacement 0.456L
Compression Ratio 19.5
Rated Rotation Speed [rpm] 3000                3600
Rated Power   [Kw] 6.6                      77.6
Lube  [L] 1.65
Fuel Type 0#(summer), -10#(winter), diesel oil
Lube SAE10W30 ( above CD grade )       SAE10W30
Low Oil Pressure Alarm System With
Optional Standard ATS
Remote control
Digital  Smart  Panel
Overall Diemension [mm] ( L*W*H) 910*530*740
Net Weight [Kg] 149



Three phase control panel output  220/380V 


Generator use 30Ah battery

generator wheel

Wheel for easy move


Diesel generator problem has no voltage

1. Check the output line to see whether the generator display screen displays the voltage normally?

2. Check whether the socket and empty opening are normal?

3. Direct measure whether the voltage of the main winding terminal of the generator set exists?

4. Check whether the voltage regulator (AVR) is damaged?

5. Check whether the carbon brush is damaged?

Generator problem voltage and power drop

1. Check for overloading phenomenon

2. Check the generator for any hall sweeping phenomenon

3. The fixing bolt of the generator stator is loose

What are the benefits of a diesel generator

Benefits of diesel generators include durability, relatively low maintenance requirements, and fuel efficiency compared with other types of generators.

2. How long do diesel generator last ?

Diesel generators have a typical lifespan range of 10,000 hours to 50,000 hours.

3. What should i look for when buying a diesel generator

When buying a diesel generator, you should consider noise emission, maintenance requirements, price, and the overall reputation of the generator's brand.

4. What is difference between an electric generator and a diesel generator

Electric generators use electricity or batteries to function while diesel generators need diesel fuel to function. Diesel is known to be one of the cheaper options for fueling a generator, but electricity is known to be very good for backing up the power in your house when there are emergency shut offs.

5. What are the different types of diesel generators

The three main types of diesel generators include inverter, standby, and portable.  we supply OEM for our customer.